We want to give our clients more than just a website or digital file. We also want to help our clients use the tools we give them to better their business.


Charlie Montney, Founder & President

Our History

Digitalis Creative is the culmination of two very skilled developers, that also happen to be husband and wife.  Digitalis Creative was started with the goal of it being a home for our personal portfolio of clients.   This allowed our passion and dedication to be brought to life for our clients.   Allowing our skills to overlap and help each other which resulted in our clients having a myriad of services available in one place.

The methodology and processes Digitalis employs comes from over 500 clients and live projects. Digitalis has clients in many sectors such as tv, film, internet, healthcare, small business, government, real estate & retail.  These projects range from small to enterprise level which has helped to refine and scale our processes and methodologies, also allowing our clients to reap the benefits.

Charlie comes from the chaos of a pre-IPO dotcom unicorn and has 25 years of experience in web development, ecommerce, data & analytics, with his secondary skill set of marketing, graphic design, and animation.  Clients enjoy the passion and dedication that Charlie brings and always can rest easy knowing he has their best interest always at heart.

Beckie was forged in the fires of the television and film industry, later she migrated to the internet sector, so her medium and focus had changed. Beckie’s current focus is graphic design with a secondary skill set of web design and administration. Clients all have come to love Beckie’s touch in their creative process and the results it has created.

Digitalis officially opened in 2016, but our history doesn’t start there. Charlie and Beckie have been working together since 2004. Their works have generated billions of views and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our Team

Our strength comes from our team. We value each others knowledge, strengths & experiences. With a long work history, we are able to use each other’s skills for each project we do to create stunning digital masterpieces.

  • Charlie Montney
    Charlie Montney FOUNDER & PRESIDENT

    25 years of experience in marketing, graphic design, multimedia and web development, With his technical and creative skill sets Charlie has over helped over 500+ clients in his career from small business all the way to enterprise level.

  • Beckie Montney
    Beckie Montney Media Designer & Developer

    Beckie is a media designer & developer with 18 years of professional experienced in print, web, tv and film.

    Specializing in Graphic Design and Website Development her unique style and love of her job allows Beckie to continually deliver results that her clients love.