Beckie Montney


Beckie is a media designer & developer experienced in print, web, tv and film. Starting her professional career 16 years ago at Illusions Media Group (“IMG”) she was quickly able to adapt and grow her skills to undertake any challenge thrown at her. Beckie’s experience at IMG gave her the opportunity to design for many different media platforms. Starting as an Editors Assistant and learning on the way she can also be credited as a CG Artist, Graphic Designer, DVD Author/Designer, Website Designer/Developer and a Print Artist. Throughout her 7 years at IMG she was able to work on lots of different projects and with many amazing clients.

After IMG Beckie started working with Charlie at Act of Media (“AOM”) as a DVD Author, Graphic Designer and Project Manager. Beckie worked at AOM full time for 2 years then went freelance in 2009 while on maternity leave.

Beckie spent the next 7 years working freelance first for AOM as a DVD Author/Designer then using the time to refine her Website Development skills. Beckie has worked with numerous clients in Niagara and partnered with Lead Dog Marketing and Virgil Web Design offering full custom website design and development.

At the beginning of 2016 with the goal to turn the freelance work into a full time career, Beckie had the opportunity to partner with Charlie professionally for a second time, together starting Digitalis Creative Inc. Beckie now specializes in Graphic Design and Website Development with her unique style and love of her job Beckie continues to deliver results that her clients love.

  • Graphics – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator 
  • Video Editing – Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro
  • Visual Effects – Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion
  • DVD Authoring – Adobe Encore, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Scenarist
  • Computer hardware modding, repair and installation

Some of Beckie’s previous credits before Digitalis…

  • Illusions Media Group “Rebranding” (Logo Design, Brochure, Business Cards, Website)
  • Bethlehem Place “Skills of Success” (Corporate Videos)
  • Canadian Niagara Hotels “Action! MGM’s Great Movie Journey” (Ride/Attraction Videos)
  • Canadian Niagara Hotels (Corporate Videos)
  • Dancing Buffalo Productions “Canada In The Rough” (HD Show Promos)
  • Director: Andre van Heerden (Corporate Videos)
  • Dofasco (Corporate Videos)
  • IMAX, NF “Niagara: Miracles, Myths and Magic” (Ride/Attraction Videos)
  • Laurentian Wildlife (Corporate Videos)
  • MGM “Action! MGM’s Great Movie Journey” (Ride/Attraction Videos)
  • Minaret Outfitters (Corporate Videos)
  • Niagara Clifton Resorts
    “Guinness World Records, NF” (Ride/Attraction Videos)
    “Dairy Queen, NF” (Ride/Attraction Videos)
    “Ruby Tuesday, NF” (Ride/Attraction Videos)
  • Niagara Parks Commission (Corporate Videos)
  • Ontario Tourism (Corporate Videos)
  • Ridley College “Change Your Mind” (Corporate Videos)
  • What A Catch Productions “What A Catch!” (HD Show Promos & Series DVD Sets)
  • Westward Wind Productions
    “Dream Car Garage” (Corporate Videos)
     “Sports Car Revolution” (Corporate Videos)
  • Cloud Ten Pictures
    “Left Behind: World at War” (feature film DVD menu design & creation)
    “The Miracle of the Cards” (feature film DVD)
    “Vanished” (feature film DVD)
    “Saving God” (feature film DVD)
    “The River Within” (feature film DVD)
    “Genius Club” (feature film DVD)
    “Smuggler’s Ransom” (feature film DVD)
  • Garden City Pictures “Home Beyond The Sun” (feature film DVD)
  • P23 Entertainment
    Paws and Tales (Print & series DVDs)
  • Freelance Websites
    Red Roof Resort
    Lincoln Interiors
    DRT Custom Homes
    The Feathered Bed
    Gatehouse Hotel
    Virgil Stampede
    Seasons Condos
    Simple Elegance Photography
    Sivell Communications