Charlie Montney II


Charlie has been involved in over 500+ web/media/film/tv projects since 1998 spanning the USA, UK and Canada. He expands upon 20 years of live study in these fields, evolving his services based on ever changing client needs. His priority focus is not only developing, designing and integration for his clients, but understanding their goals and industries and how to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

Charlie is driven by the goal of removing unnecessary processes, biases and restrictions from the standard media development models that have persisted for many years.  He maintains an ethical model for conduct and development with clients and partners to develop long term business relationships that last years.

Charlie started his professional career as a Web Developer & Designer in 1998 for Meandaur Internet / US WEB (USWB) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Originally graphic and interface design for Hilton, American Dental Association, Coca-Cola and a variety of other regional clients.

In 1999 he joined MyPoints (MYPT) in Chicago, Illinois  during their pre IPO phase where he was Co-Brand Producer which included project management, client relations, and delegation of design/development teams which encompassed managing co-brand production and integration for his clients (3com, AskGeeves, Excite).

In 2002 he was recruited by Travers Collins Partners in Buffalo, New York as a Web Developer and graphic designer. He later moved to Canada where he worked as a freelancer for companies while getting to know his new surroundings in the Niagara region. However if you’re aiming to be an effective freelancer such as copywriter and the like, joining some training programs to learn B2B copywriting course is of great advantage!

In 2005 Charlie was offered a position with Cloud Ten Pictures as their Webmaster /Lead Designer/Programmer to help with some immediate development on Left Behind World at War.  At the end of this project Charlie was offered $500,000 to start a new company, which he turned down.

Charlie started his own company Act of Media in 2005. His intention was to take multiple models developed over thousands of hours of live client development and develop a new model. 3 years later with a small investment Act of Media merged with Illusions Media Group.

He left Act of Media in 2009 due to difference of opinion and direction of the company. In 2012 He returned back to Cloud Ten Pictures at the request of the ceo to help on Left Behind movie.  He left in 2014 and began work to start Digitalis Creative.

Charlie also donates to local charities and community causes that align with his beliefs, as an investor he also helped a handful of other companies get their feet off the ground.

  • Graphics – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Video Editing – Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro
  • 3D Graphics – Lightwave, 3d Studio Max
  • Visual Effects – Adobe After Effects,Apple Motion
  • Audio Production – Reason, Cubase, Nuendo
  • Javascript
  • DHTML Scripting
  • Perl/CGI Programming
  • Action Script 2.0 – 3.0
  • Jquery  – Jquery, infintescroll, isotope, node and grid
  • MySQL/Postgress/flat file – Database Development
  • PHP Programming
  • XML – import and export – data processing
  • HTML5 Programming
  • CSS & W3C compliant code design
  • Ecommerce & online shopping – Magento, WooCommerce
  • Paypal API – Merchant Account Configuration
  • CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and custom cms)
  • SSL – PGP encryption
  • Search Engine Optimization – Google Analytics, Api, webmaster tools, Bing, Campaign Management
  • Social Media Api – OpenGraph, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram
  • Computer hardware modding, repair and installation
  • UNIX Server platform – UNBUNTU, CENTOS, REDHAT
  • SAN/LAN/WAN integration and setup

Some of Charlie’s previous credits before Digitalis…

  • Motorola – Chicago – Trade show ads
  • Hitlon – Lobby Kiosk prototype and data model
  • Kirk Cameron – California  -School of Biblical Evangelism (web development, graphics)
  • Travers Collins Partners – Peace Bridge – (web development)
  • Travers Collins Partners – Buffalo Sabres (marketing)
  • Travers Collins Partners – Leiki Apparel (web development)
  • Sivell Communications – Wild Life Cross Roads (web development, logo design)
  • Nightmares Fear Factory – Web development
  • SoReal Records – Las Vegas – (web development, marketing, eCommerce)
  • European Music Market – Las Vegas – (graphic design, app development, web development)
  • Gelato Cafe – Las Vegas – (Graphic design, web development, marketing development)
  • Dream Car Garage – Speed Network“web development, marketing, branding development”
  • Legendary Motorcar – Velocity Network ” web development, marketing, social media, ecommerce development”
  • Fins & Skins – Fox Network “web development, marketing, branding development”
  • Fishing the Flats – Fox Network  “web development, marketing, branding development, ad development”
  • Big City Fishing  – OLN “server administration, web development”
  • Adventures in Booga Booga Land – Animated Series “web development, marketing, branding development, ad development”
  • Cloud Ten Pictures
    – Left Behind World at War  “server admin, programming, web development, graphic design & marketing”
    – Left Behind 2014  “server admin, programming, web development, graphic design & marketing, social media platform design, pre-visual fx, poster concept artwork.”
    – Saving God “Web development, marketing, server admin, graphic design, custom app development”
    – Shadow Government “visual fx, logo design, branding, marketing, web development”
    – 911 Survivor  “web development, graphic design”
    – Cloud Ten Pictures “server admin, programming, ecommerce development, web development, graphic design & marketing, social media platform design, pre-visual fx, poster concept artwork.”