Monthly Archives - January 2017

A Great 2016!

Digitalis Creative had a very amazing 2016 and we are looking forward to an even better 2017! We have many projects already underway for the coming new year! We will be posting some information about them as soon as we are allowed to =)!  Some of the projects we are already working on are a large charity event, software launch and more.

We are looking forward to many exciting opportunities in 2017 with many people and businesses contacting us for help and possible integrated partnership.  Please be patient as we process the requests.

Google geolocation data and audio/video tracking

With all of the Google related services many functions are enabled by default.  If you wish to see what types of data, geo-location data, recording audio etc.

You can see exactly what type of information your devices are sending to Google.  This is more of a quick note for some of our clents to be aware where their data actually goes and how it is tracked.

If you visit the Google link  Google Activity

You will be able to see all the information collected, however there is no way to currently delete ALL items (interesting lack of functionality)

You must click each line item for as long as your history goes back.

You can however pause Google’s ability to record events via camera, mic or other data they are collecting.