A Great 2016!

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Digitalis Creative had a very amazing 2016 and we are looking forward to an even better 2017! We have many projects already underway for the coming new year! We will be posting some information about them as soon as we are allowed to =)!  Some of the projects we are already working on are a large charity event, software launch and more, right now we are working on custom bottled water for events and other special treats.

We are looking forward to many exciting opportunities in 2017 with many people and businesses contacting us for help and possible integrated partnership.

With the majority of our lives spent in front of computers, smartphones, and online devices, there’s been a significant increase in the popularity of digital projects, as people love to work and play on their computers, and there are popular games like WoW Classic that many people play, so getting gold for this game can be essential to advance and you can do that online, read now more about it here.

The need for digital projects and content means that digital project management is more prevalent and there is a need for digital project managers.

If you are wondering exactly just what this means and wanted to learn more about the digital project management process you have come to the right place.

Digital products are those products that are both developed and delivered digitally.


Let’s break this down further, a project is when your organization either starts, improves, changes, or dissolves a product, function, or service. If this product, function, or service is on a digital platform then it can be deemed a digital project. For small businesses, having access to reliable and efficient merchant services is also crucial for growth and success. Discover the innovative offerings of AIB merchant services for your business.


In other words, a digital project is either an individual or collaborative undertaking which is planned in such a way that it achieves introducing, transforming, or managing digital operations and strategies.


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