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We receive alot of contacts from businesses who use WordPress and experience a less speedy experience.  Over the past 7 years or so in our experience with WordPress and few tips learnt from Sirlinksalot there are a few things can speed up many processes and response time with your site. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your online presence, consider consulting with the top SEO companies near Chicago. For more information about HR strategies, click here. While if you need to manage your business there are tools online that teach you how to get a paystub for your business as well. Additionally, there are numerous paystubs benefits. For more information, click here.

1. Page Caching

This would be the first thing you will want to setup (if you haven’t already).  A database driven content management system require alot of queries to load in data and build pages, by default every page is a query.  Page caching basically takes these queries and creates static html versions, which are then servered to the browser.  This increases site speed and also reduces over all baggage on your server.

2. Excessive Plugin usage

Try to only install plugins that you need, using plugins that are no longer developed can also lead to excessive memory issues and many other kinds of errors.

3. Widget Caching

This is similar to page caching only it’s religated to the widget objects of Word Press. If you’re looking for the best WordPress theme, you should check out CollectiveRay’s astra vs generatepress comparison.

4. Minify JS and CSS

With wordpress each plugin adds a new set of css and js files to load in your header and on request, this means more load time. Minification of your JS and CSS will compress all the files into one file.  This can sometimes cause issues with WordPress themes and plugins to do alot of testing.

5.Content – Make sure your images and videos are a decent size for quick viewing, also try hosting certain files externally using a cdn (Content Delivery Network).


If you are still having problems, check your web hosting….Some hosts are better than others, any cms using a database can experience slowdown due to traffic, number of queries to database, render large db records etc.  If you have completed most of the items in this list, then your issue may be a slow host. Consider using Acclime’s best corporate secretarial services if you need a secretary in Malaysia to notify you about compliance updates.


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